Afghan Army Casualty Data

Information as of September 2010

Founded in 2002, the ANA comprises 134,000 soldiers with a target strength of 172,000 by October 2011.

It costs over $2 billion a year to sustain the force. As it expands and takes on a greater role, the cost is likely to reach $3 billion or more a year.

The force consists of 160 units within 5 ground corps and 1 air corps.

January 1 to June 30, 2010 - 214
2009 - 292
2007 and 2008 combined - 537
So, from 2007 to June 30, 2010 a total of 1,043 ANA troops were killed.

Figures from 2002 to end 2006 are not available but estimates put the number at 7,000 or higher.

Order of Battle:
What is an Order of Battle?
An Order of Battle (OOB) is a standard military term for the description of a military organization. It presents which units exist, how are they organized (command structure, subordinate/superior relationships, equipment), and their responsibilities (geographic area, operation capabilities).

What are the Afghan Security Forces?
The intent of this OOB is to present all the security forces that are under the official control of the Afghan government. The OOB includes regular Army, Special Forces, Navy, Air Force, national and local police, and border security units. The OOB does not include militias, insurgent forces, or foreign forces that are not under the official control of Afghan government.

The following links set out the OOB (all are .PDF files):

Page 2: Definitions

Source: Long War Journal

Afghan National Army (ANA)
Current performance levels based upon Capability Milestones (CM):
CM-1 Capable of planning and executing
operations at Battalion level with no external
28 ANA Kandaks (battalions),
2 Corps Headquarters: (203 in Gardez and 209 in Mazar-e-Sharif),
9 Brigade Headquarters,
5 Garrison support units,
2 special Headquarters Security Support Brigade units (Kabul city) , 
and The Afghan National Detention Center
CM-2 Capable of leading operations with ISAF support: 28 units
CM-3 Capable of participating in operations with ISAF lead: 31 units

Afghan National Army Air Corps (ANAAC)
Founded: June 2008
Current Strength: 3,628 men and women, including 187 pilots, plus
29 rotary-wing and 10 fixed-wing aircraft (17x Mi-17, 3x DV
Mi-17, 9x Mi-35, 5x AN-32, 1x AN-26, 2x C-27 and 2x L-39)

Target Strength: 7,500 personnel and 125 rotary and fixed-wing
aircraft by December 2016

Flies 90% of ANA air support missions in 2009 (compared
to 10% in mid-2008).
Moves more than 5,000 passengers and over 40,000 kg of
cargo monthly.

NATO training efforts in Afghanistan will focus on the need to significantly increase the
capacity of Afghan security forces in order to hand over gradually lead responsibility for
security to Afghans themselves. In Regional Command Capital, since 28 August 2008, the
Afghan National Security Forces have gradually taken over the lead responsibility for
security in Kabul province. This process is led by the Afghan Ministry of Interior and
supported by the Ministry of Defence and ISAF.

Source: NATO HQ Brussels